These are grids serve as healing, protection and/or activation pieces of art. Each grid is customized, and made to cater to that specific person’s needs at that time. It’s job is to serve as a mirror to the person’s soul, and reflects back to them the very vibration they exude, but may not fully accept within their 3D existence. Each piece is as unique as the person commissioning me to make one. It becomes very personal to them, and with me. As they receive their healing, I too feel the comfort and healing.

Q & A:

How are they made?
Making the grids is such an intricate process. It starts with you and I scheduling a coffee date. Either in person or through video chat. I ask that you set aside no less than an 2.5 hours. However, the longer you can sit with me, the better. This is the time where we get to know each other, and I get a feel for what your needs and goals are. It is here that I begin to hold space for you. The information you share is held within the highest confidence. After our date, we part ways and I get to work. I research and meditate on your design and your needed grid elements. I utilize Astrology, Numerology, Sacred Geometry, Crystal Energy, Alchemical and Earth Elemental Energy, Energy Frequency, Sound Healing, Empathic Intuition, Ancient Religious Texts and Ideology, Ancient Civilization Ideology and Symbolism, Ancient Philosophy, and some Light Language. Obviously not all of of these will show up in your grid at the same time, but many will depending on your needs. During this gathering period, I will purchase any necessary elements. Once I believe your grid design has been selected, I may pause, and step back for a day or two to make sure it’s your energy, and not my own calling me to the design. Once I’m sure of the design, I begin practicing and perfecting the design. During this time, I will place all elements within the grid, and make adjustments, additions, and subtractions, as needed. Once again, I may pause, and step back for a day or two to make sure it’s your energy, and not my own calling me to the design. When I feel it’s right, the elements are adhered to the grid. Once the design is adhered, I cleanse and charge the grid before it is framed.

All commissioned custom grids will receive a full information packet emailed to you on how to care for your new grid, and how to cleanse it. It will fully explain the chakras that the grid will activate, include the grid designs meaning, all elemental properties and their meanings. You will receive your grid before your information packet so you and your grid can get acquainted.
To receive the grid can be an emotional process, some people have cried, or stared, or have gotten lost in silence. It’s quite normal and quite okay. It is YOU that is drawing YOU back in. 

Do you teach people how to make them?
Not at this time. I will in the future, but this journey is still new to me, and I’m still learning, evolving, and transforming myself

How much do they cost?
12”x 12” Large Stock Grid - Vary. Please Ask
6” x 6” Mini Stock Grid - Vary. Please Ask
12” x 12” Large Custom Personal Grid: $600
6” x 6” Mini Custom Personal Grid: $250

Each 12” x 12” Custom Personal Grid takes approximately 20+ hours from start to finish.

Each 6” x 6” Custom Personal Grid you see tales approximately 10-15 hours from start to finish.

Each grid you see is personally created for a specific person who is carrying specific energies, or it’s for an archetypal energy. These designs are available for purchase, but you will get that exact design. It may or may not work with your energies, but if you like them just for aesthetics, you’ll be perfectly fine!

Do you do any grids larger than 12” x 12”?
This is something that has been in the works. I am currently working on figuring out a way to make larger sizes up to 40” x 40”.

Do you ship international?
No. Due to the complexity, and the the cost, it’s not something I can do at the time. However if you are an international customer, and REALLY want one, I will not refuse your request. I will however require you to pay for shipping costs.

Why do I have to wait so long?

Know that each client will receive my full and ultimate attention. There is a wait list. Once I arrive at your name, if you aren’t ready, please don’t worry, I’ll continue to check back with you, and you do not fall to the end of the wait list. This is all in Divine Timing, and your grid will come to you when it’s meant to come to you. Please feel free to check your reserved spot on the wait list, however, I and the other clients do appreciate your patience. When it’s your turn, you will also receive my full and undivided attention as well.