Trimming The Fat


Now is the time for new beginnings in long-term successful relationships of all kinds--the kind of relationships that leave you feeling giddy and energize. This can be a new romantic partnership, new friendships, new professional connections, pulling in your soul family, or perhaps a new founded relationship with yourself. Behind this is your psychic awareness slowly lifting the veil of the 3D world, and allowing you to see what is real and what is merely illusionary. Your intuition has grown and you have become more wise and spiritually stronger. Getting here hasn't been easy for you. In fact you may have suffered more than your fare share of sorrow, and you're over it--you're ready for a win. Know that all this has not been a waste. We all know that the Divine works in perfect timing. Each point of harshness you have experienced along your journey has made you stronger, wiser and more discerning in who you surround yourself with. With this, you have taken on the embodiment of someone possessing "sharp grace". You have retreated inside yourself to review the decisions you need to make in order to move forward. You may have withdrawn from the idea of  trusting others to come through for you; in that, you have become self-reliant, guarded, and not afraid to speak your truth, regardless of politics involved. With the quick swiftness of your sword, you may have "trimmed the fat" with regards to people, situations, or things that have only held you down and dragged you along to the places you don't want to go. However, there is a time and place for this sword energy, and we are not meant to live in this armored state for long periods of time. In doing so, it becomes very isolating and can cause you to appear unapproachable. This queen is the queen of RBF (resting **tch face), which can be very repelling. This Queen of Swords energy is necessary to get us through the natural cycles as we experience our emotions and deal with the shifting of our energies; cutting out that which no longer serves us. Now that the fat has been trimmed, it's okay to loosen the grip on the sword, put it down, relax, and know that you are safe. As meditate on own words and thoughts, things will become even more clearer. You will naturally want to gravitate towards people, situations, or events which bring you into a more peaceful state of mind, while simultaneously pulling you out of that survival mode energy. Having just gone through this energy, you are confident that there is no behavior pattern or cycle that you cannot overcome. That tenacity of the Queen of Swords will help you get there, and stay there. However, when you lay down that sword and pick up the wand, you use that energy to create new pathways and spark new connections when you begin to feed new perspectives and ideas--all done with a warm smile and inviting energy. When you begin to positively engage and inspire every day, these pathways will become stronger and eventually you will learn that living this way will become a habit. Once this habit takes root, the guard will come down, the armor will fall off, and that positive mindset will track in abundance and light into your life. You will find that it'll easier to be a more generous person and a less guarded person, while still keeping your strong will about you. This week, if you have already trimmed the fat, you are asked to lay down the sword and pick up your wand. You've done what was necessary, now do what is needed to invite what your soul wants back into your life. If you haven't already trimmed the fat and need to do so, do so with an open loving heart. Do so without harsh words, or with the energy of ruthlessness. Be assertive, but not aggressive. Let it go with love, not malice or revenge. You must love yourself enough to let go that which no longer serves you. Do not be apologetic about it, but know that you did your best and that is the best. Then you'll be ready to pick up your wand and allow room for your manifestations to show up.